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LACMA Unframed, June 22, 2024, Article by Alexander Schneider: Kristin Bedford's New Book Cruise Night Depicts the Los Angeles Lowrider Community

Aesthetica Magazine, November 29, 2023: 10 Questions with Kristin Bedford

LACMA Unframed, October 11, 2023, Article by Eve Schillo: Living, Loving, and Cruising Through Los Angeles with Kristin Bedford's Lowriders

Float Photo Magazine, CHROMATOGRAPHY Issue, June 28, 2022, Article by Dana Stirling: Cruise Night, Kristin Bedford

Phoblographer, January 3, 2022, Article and Video Interview by Dan Ginn: Kristin Bedford Photographs the Unique Lowrider Car Culture

Smithsonian Magazine, December 9, 2021: The Ten Best Photography Books of 2021

Frames Magazine, November 11, 2021: A DNA from Steel – Review of “Cruise Night ” by Kristin Bedford

Brooklyn Rail, October Issue 2021, Article by Nicole Kaack: Kristin Bedford’s Cruise Night (online and print)

LA Weekly, September 16, 2021, Article by Lina Lecaro: Nuestra Cultura: Evocative New Books Capture L.A.'s Latin Heritage

F-Stop Magazine, September 10, 2021, Article by Cary Benbow: Book Review: Cruise Night by Kristin Bedford

Lenscratch, September 1, 2021, Article by Aline Smithson: Kristin Bedford: Cruise Night

Digital Camera Magazine, August Issue 2021, Article by Alistair Campbell: Kristin Bedford (print only)

Tongues Magazine, July 27, 2021: Kristin Bedford

A Photo Editor, June 11, 2021, Article by Jonathan Blaustein: Cruise Night

Float Magazine, June 10, 2021: Kristin Bedford

Digital Photography Review, June 7, 2021, Article by Jeanette Moses: Kristin Bedford digs into Los Angeles' lowrider culture with 'Cruise Night'

Domus, June 5, 2021, Article by Raffaele Vertaldi: The culture of lowriding in the photographs of Kristin Bedford

POLKA Magazine, June Issue 2021, Article by Danell Terrier: Kristin Bedford PLEINS FARDS (print only)

BookLENS, New Orleans Photo Alliance, June 2021, Video Interview with Jonathan Blaustein: Kristin Bedford

Aesthetica Magazine, June/July Issue 2021, Article by Rachel Segal Hamilton: Forms of Resistance (print only)

Elephant Magazine, May 23, 2021, Article by Joanna Cresswell: Ride or Die: A Vivid Tribute to LA’s Lowrider Community

Musée Magazine, May 20, 2021, Article by Andy Dion: Book Review: Cruise Night By Kristin Bedford

Vagabond Imperative, May 20, 2021: Inside the incredible East Los Angeles lowrider scene

ODDA Magazine, May 16, 2021: Kristin Bedford Goes Cruising

ODDA Magazine Podcast, May 16, 2021: Memorabilia 011: Kristin Bedford

Guardian US, May 13, 2021, Article by Mario Koran: Behind the wheel with the lowriders of Los Angeles

Flaunt Magazine, May 12, 2021, Article by Constanza Falco Raez: Kristin Bedford: Cruise Night

CNN, May 10, 2021, Review by Jacqui Palumbo: Images of LA lowriders show dazzling cars and tenacious women

Hyperallergic, May 5, 2021, Article by Lauren Moya Ford: LA’s Mexican-American Lowrider Car Culture, Photographed in All Its Glory

Smithsonian Magazine, May 5, 2021, Article by Nili Blanck: Inside L.A.'s Lowrider Car Clubs

Metal Magazine, May 5, 2021, Article by Romina Román: Kristin Bedford: Scenes From The LatinX Lowrider Culture

Eye of Photography, May 5, 2021: Kristin Bedford : Cruise Night

All About Photo, May 5, 2021: Cruise Night by Kristin Bedford

ArtDaily, May 5, 2021: Latinx Lowrider car culture photographed in Kristin Bedford's 'Cruise Night'

The Daily News Los Angeles, May 5, 2021, Article by Karen Barr: LA’s Mexican-American Lowrider Car Culture, Photographed In All Its Glory

Hypebae, May 4, 2021, Article by Alexandra Pauly: Photographer Kristin Bedford Captures LA's Vibrant LatinX Lowrider Culture

GirlTalk HQ, May 4, 2021: New Photo Book Documents The Mexican American Lowrider Movement From A Female Perspective  

AirMail, April 28, 2021: Kristin Bedford: Cruise Night

British Journal of Photography, April 19, 2021, Article by Nurit Chinn: Kristin Bedford documents the layered tradition of Los Angeles’ lowrider car culture

Fisheye Magazine, April 6, 2021, Article by Julien Hory: Cruise Night, les lowriders ou la mécanique de l'expression

Konbini Arts, April 2, 2021, Article by Lise Lanot: Les lowriders rutilants de Los Angeles au cœur d’une série photo flambante

It's Nice That, March 17, 2021, Article by Ayla Angelos: Kristin Bedford’s new book is a personal documentation of Mexican American lowrider culture in LA

Guardian UK, March 10, 2021: Cruising down the boulevard: the magnificent lowriders of LA – in pictures

The Financial Times, How To Spend It, March 6, 2021, Article by Baya Simons: Vroom With A View (print only)

The i Newspaper, March 5, 2021: Cruise Night, Coffee Table Choice (print only)

Creative Review, March 4, 2021, Article by Aimée McLaughlin: A new photo book is celebrating LA’s vibrant lowrider culture

The Royal Photographic Society, March 3, Article by Kathleen Morgan: Take A Journey Into LA's Colourful Lowrider Culture

The Royal Photographic Society Journal, March/April Issue 2021, Article by Tom Seymour: Kristin Bedford, Documentary (print only)

The Daily Telegraph, February 27, 2021: Art Books, Cruise Night (print only)

Collection Guide, Archive of Documentary Arts, Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University, January 2020: Kristin Bedford Photographs

C41 Magazine, October 11, 2018: Kristin Bedford and the Mysterious Faith in Father Divine

Index Fotó, April 26, 2017, Article by Tamás Szémann: 18-an maradtak, megvénültek, de nem tágítanak az istenüktől, The Perfect Picture

be-Art magazine, September 20, 2016, Interview by Beatrice Chassepot: Established Artist: US Photographer, Kristin Bedford

Lenscratch, March 5, 2016, Article by Aline Smithson: Kristin Bedford: The Perfect Picture

Huffington Post, July 2, 2015, Interview with Priscilla Frank: These Are the Last Remaining Followers of African American Spiritual Leader Father Divine

Feature Shoot, June 22, 2015, Interview with Jackie Meade: Fascinating Portraits Document the Devotees of Father Divine

KCRW, May 27, 2015, Interview with Lisa Napoli: Faith, food, color-blind equality: A photographer turns her lens on a dwindling 20th century religious movement

Collection Review, Archive of Documentary Arts, Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University, January 13, 2015: Divine Works: Expressions of Faith in Two Religious Communities as Seen in the Photographs of Kristin Bedford

workshopx, January 5, 2015: The Perfect Picture

The NY Times Lens, December 29, 2014, Review by Jonathan Blaustein: Philadelphia, City of Father Divine

Actual Colors May Vary, November 20, 2014: The Perfect Picture

Interview with Ashley Kauschinger, Light Leaked, October 13, 2014: Kristin Bedford

Faith & Form: The Journal on Religion, Art and Architecture, June 2014: Be Still

The State of Things (WUNC), March 11, 2014, Interview with Frank Stasio: Photographing Father Divine

U.K. Daily Mail, January 15, 2014, Review by James Gordon: Shopping Then Salvation

Slate, December 15, 2013, Review by Jordan Teicher: What Sunday Worship in a Southern Storefront Church Looks Like

Center for Documentary Studies, December 2013, Video interview/short documentary: Be Still, A Storefront Church in Durham

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